Top prepper medicines to stock for survival


When there is no doctor and when there is no medicine, what then? Survival medicine
is doing what you can with what you have, so make sure you have something when
the rest of the world runs out! If you are passionate about your survival, consider
asking your physician now for extra prescription medicines and antibiotics, or stocking
up on unusual homeopathic and non-prescription medicines. Stocking up on medicines
just might save a life: yours!

Emergency Medical Technicians, nurses and doctors have one common shortcoming:
much of their power to heal and save lives becomes useless without support of
medicine and medical supplies. And therein lies the reality: eventually medicines and
supplies will run out in the end of the world as we know it.

Here are the top prepper medicines to stock for survival:
(Please consult a physician about survival medicine and do not self medicate!)

1. Fish Mox (amoxicillin – broad spectrum antibiotic). FishMox is the primary brand
of amoxicillin (antibiotic) stocked by preppers for extreme catastrophic situations
where a doctor or when medicines intended for humans are not available. Amoxicillin
treats bacterial infections, but also presents a severe allergic reaction in some people
which is sudden, intense and possibly deadly. Consult your doctor about FishMox* to
see if this option is right for you and your family in a survival situation when
prescription antibiotics will be hard to come by after a societal collapse. Remember,
this antibiotic is intended for fish, not humans, but may be the only antibiotic available
in uncertain times when a doctor is not available. Stock Fish Mox, but do not use it
under ordinary circumstances, and do not stock it without consulting a doctor, nurse or
pharmacist. Learn the proper dose for your bodyweight before you ever need it and
discuss your family’s history of allergies! This is the value a medical professional can
provide. Fish Mox is no longer currently available on Amazon.

2. Colloidal Silver (natural antibiotic). Colloidal silver is a mineral with wildly debated
medical claims. According to the manufacturer of Ultra Pure Colloidal Silver Natures
Best Antibiotic, “There is no known disease causing organism that can live in the
presence of even minute traces of Colloidal Silver. Colloidal Silver is used to treat a
wide range of diseases and infections, both internally and externally.”  The big
pharmaceutical companies don’t appreciate these claims an colloidal silver gets a bad
rap. Partially, this is also because people self medicate themselves in desperation to
cure a disease. Preppers pack colloidal silver in their personal pharmacy because it is a
natural antibiotic available without a prescription. It serves as an alternative when
prescribed antibiotics are not available and infection is life threatening. Preppers also
appreciate versatility of a prep. Additionally, according to Natural, colloidal
purifies water, destroys Candida and fights the flu.

3. Fresh Green Black Walnut Wormwood Complex (treats parasites). During a
survival situation, you may be hunting and unable to provide a stable source of fresh
drinking water. Have a plan to clear parasites out of the body with Fresh Green Black
Walnut Wormwood Complex. This powerful extract, derived from the hulls of green
black walnuts, is  a centuries old herbal tonic to promote healthy microbial activity.
Fresh green black walnut wormwood complex comes highly recommended by
Patriot Nurse in a survival situation for those who plan on hunting.

4. Thieves Oil. During the 15th-century plague, thieves used an oil of cloves,
rosemary, and other aromatics to protect themselves while robbing plague victims. In
the Survival Medicine Handbook: A Guide for When Help is Not on the Way by Joseph
Alton M.D. and Amy Alton ARNP, they recommend stocking Thieves Oil! (Page 78.) for
upper respiratory infections.

5. Tea Tree oil (external use only). Tea Tree Essential Oil, pictured right, is best
known as a very powerful immune stimulant. It can help to fight all three categories of
infectious organisms (bacteria, fungi, and viruses), and there is evidence that Tea Tree
Oil massages prior to an operation may help to fortify the body and reduce post-
operative shock. Tea Tree Oil can help with colds, measles, sinusitis and viral infections.

6. Boiron Oscillococcinum. Boiron Oscillococcinum is a homeopathic product for Flu-
like Symptoms, pictured left. Boiron Oscillococcinum, pictured left, temporarily relieves
flu-like symptoms such as body aches, headache, fever, chills and fatigue.

7. Hurricaine Topical Anesthetic Gel (tooth pain relief). Nothing bites worse than
tooth pain! Hurricaine topic gel, pictured  right, will anesthetize muscle tissue to
provide temporary relief in discomfort in teeth and gums. This over the counter
medication will be a godsend for the day
when a dentist is not available. In the old
days, the agony of dental pain was among the top causes of suicide.

8. Potassium Iodide Capsules (radiation emergency). Potassium Iodide is a prepper
medicine often overlooked and yet essential to take if radiation is imminent and may
be limited or unavailable when health officials notify the public of exposure and
urgency. Potassium Iodide capsules, pictured immediate right, can help maintain a
high level of beneficial iodides in the thyroid gland. Potassium Iodide supports the
body’s normal detoxification processes, including the removal of heavy metals, though
it’s not a cure for radiation sickness.

9. Nature’s Way Charcoal Tablets (toxin adsorption*). Make way for Nature’s Way
Activated Charcoal capsules, pictured lower left. Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal
(from Indian Hardwood) is commonly used to adsorb* digestive gas. It also protects
the body from overdosing on harmful toxic substances. Due to its large surface area,
activated charcoal has high adsorption properties, meaning that it keeps certain
substances from being absorbed in the body’s gastrointestinal tract.

* Note: adsorption, not absorption, refers to adhesion of atoms, ions, molecules
from a dissolved solid, liquid or gas. The adsorption process flushes poison and
toxins from the body.

10. Aspirin (painkiller). Much more than a painkiller, you’ll find many reasons to
aspirin in your preps. For your bugout bag, pack aspirin in small packets,
pictured immediate right.

11. Benadryl (antihistamine allergy medicine): Benadryl is diphenhydramine, the
brand name of antihistamine allergy medicine. Since 1946 Benadryl has been providing
temporary relief of seasonal and perennial allergy symptoms. Most notably, taking an
antihistamine such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl) provides a measure of relief
against bee stings. Learn more about
bee sting treatment.

12. Anti-diarrheal. An important prepper medicine is an anti-diarrheal. Imodium® A-D
or other anti-diarrheal to controls symptoms of diarrhea. Kirkland Anti-diarrheal
includes the active Ingredient (in each caplet): Loperamide HCI 2 mg. at a much lower

13. Stool softener. You’ll be eating foods you’re not used to eating, so consider that
bowel movements may fluctuate more often. Miralax, pictured bottom left of page, is a
stool softener to help you get through eating too much freeze dried food.

14. Melatonin (sleep aid). Nature’s Bounty Melatonin Capsules, pictured immediate
right, includes Melatonin, a clinically studied hormone that’s closely involved in the
natural sleep cycle and helps support restful sleep patterns.

15. Caffeine (alertness and energy aid). Caffeine supplements will help you stay
awake and five-hour energy boosters may help provide the endurance you need to
protect your family or meet another critical survival need. Is a caffeine pill hard to
Try decaffeinated chewing gum!

16. Digestive enzymes (Enzyme supplement, digestive aid). Your stomach won’t
be quite the same after your diet changes. Many a backpacker has overdosed on
freeze dried food and can testify to this. Digestive enzymes will help restore your
body’s proper balance.

17. Christopher’s Infection Fighting Formula (dietary supplement, flu season),
pictured at the bottom of the page is highly rated on Amazon. Such dietary
supplements offer added peace of mind during the flu season.

18. SaltStick caps Plus. Avoid cramping during and after long distance and high
elevation hikes. Trusted by marathon runners, SaltStick buffered electrolyte salts plus
caffeine and sodium, pictured immediate right, will give preppers on the move an
edge. In addition to reducing muscle cramping, these totally vegetarian capsules
reduce heat stress, maintain electrolyte levels and increase energy levels. It’s a great
bugout-bag item or for hunting.

19. Hydrogen Peroxide: As a first aid essential, hydrogen peroxide can help prevent
infection in minor cuts, scrapes and burns. It may also be used as an oral debriding
agent. It can aid in removing phlegm, mucus or other secretions associated with a
sore mouth.

Nature’s medicine cabinet
Interested in other prepper medicines? Preppers also stock a variety of home
remedies, salves, unconventional medicines, and
essential oils for survival:

  • Aloe vera. Aloe will provide soothing relief from sunburns.

  • Epsom Salts. Discover the medicinal uses of Epsom salts, including how Epsom
    salts help flush out toxins from the body, improve absorption of nutrients, and
    even soothe aching muscles.

Considering that stress and poor nutrition along with reduced hygiene and total lack
of medical care are very real threats to your health during a catastrophe, it’s wise to
prepare; however, for any health or dietary matter, consult your Doctor well in
advance of needing to use any of these products. This medicine cabinet supply list is
intended for long-term storage and use only for a scenario where a pharmacy and
medical professional network is unavailable.