Recycled Beer Bottle Clock SABL by HomebrewSoaps

24.95 USD

Yes you are seeing this correctly. A clock made from a recycled beer bottle. You can find beer bottle clocks from those who slump the bottles in a kiln but I think I am the only one who uses the bottle in the shape it was meant to be. The battery will be more difficult to change than a normal clock but it can be done. I ship my beer bottle clocks with a high quality lithium battery installed. I am led to belive this battery will last 6 to 9 years. I have posted instructions on my website showing how to change the battery. My recycled beer bottle clocks will ship ready to use right out of the box, no assembly required. I have drilled a 5/16" hole in the back of the bottle. This can be used to adjust the time on the clock and helps when you do need to change the battery. This clock runs quiet, no loud tick tock. This clock was made from a 22oz. recycled beer bottle.

If you do not see the clock you want please contact me, I may have it. I have a large selection of beer bottles that can be made into clocks. If I don't have the bottle you want I may still be able to get one. For international orders please contact me for a price for shipping, also the lithium battery will be replaced with a alkaline battery to meet over seas shipments.

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Recycled Beer Bottle Clock SABL by HomebrewSoaps

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