Popurri Soap reycled family soap by TheForestofBubbles

5.00 EUR


As a soap maker I always have colorful bits of pieces of soap, left over from all the soaps I make so I usually pick them up and recycled then to make soap for the family. Only this time I had more bits left than ever before, so I made a batch to share with buyers. It is lovely, creamy and lathers really well as I said it is a favorite in our family.

For: all skin types

Approximate weight: 130gr – 4.58oz

All the ingredients of this soap are 100 percent organic, natural and vegetable. No use has been made of any artificial substance during the making of this item, for more information about this. Please read our shop policies.

This handcrafted soap has been made using the cold process traditional method to ensure quality and freshness.

Made thinking of you with tender loving care for your enjoyment

How to take care of handmade soap
To make sure, that handmade soap last the longest time possible. It must be kept on a well drained soap dish, and left to dry between uses so it doesn´t waste away.

Organic Saponified Vegetable Oils made through a cold process of: Virgin Extra Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Palm Oil from Ghana. All of them enriched with Shea Butter, Distilled Water and bits and pieces of all our soaps

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Popurri Soap reycled family soap by TheForestofBubbles