LBC BBQ Sampler Gift Basket by TheBBQPantry

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LBC BBQ Sampler Gift Basket

== Here is a gift basket that everyone is sure to love ==

~~This is an Award Winning BBQ Sauce Kit. Team LBC took 2nd place at the Coastal Carolina Teal Chicken Pig Pick’en April 2013 & 2nd at the Hog on the Hill in Chester, SC while using this same combination! Congrats Team LBC. ~~

~~ This is a Must Have for any Backyard BBQ ~~

Here is what you will get

1. Ledyard Bar B Que Company Competition Dry Rub 1.5oz.
This is a combination of hand selected spices from around the world. The spices are purchased as whole seeds, and then roasted, to release all of the oils and flavors that they have to offer. I rub down all of my competition Bar B Que with this world famous dry rub before smoking.

2. Ledyard Bar B Que Company Vinegar Bar B Que Sauce & Mop 18oz
This is an Eastern North Carolina Style BBQ Sauce & Mop. It is a blend of LBC Competition Dry Rub and apple cider vinegar. It is then aged to perfection and bottled for you. I mop (baste) all of my competition barbecue as it slow smokes. This helps to tenderize and flavor the meat during the smoking process.

3. Ledyard Bar B Que Company Hickory Bar B Que Sauce 18oz
This is my world famous competition barbecue sauce. It has a tomato base, with a hickory smoke flavor that has a sweet and spicy tang at the end that keeps you coming back for more. I hand crafted this sauce for many years, for family and friends before bottling it for you. I always use this to finish my competition BBQ. Whether as a sauce on the side or painted on your bbq, this sauce is sure to be the hit of the party. I hope that you enjoy this bar b que sauce as much as we do.

4. Orange Habanero Hot Sauce 4oz
This is my world famous orange habanero hot sauce. It is made of fresh habaneros, white vinegar, and kosher salt. Then it’s aged to perfection. I handcrafted this sauce for many years, for family and friends before bottling it for you. I hope that you enjoy this hot sauce as much as we do. If you want an extremely HOT sauce that has a natural sweet and fruity taste, that complements your food, and does not smother it, then you are in for a treat.

5. Organic Rosemary Poultry Gravy Mix 6 servings
I use only the best Organic Rosemary, and Poultry stock to create a very rich and deep full flavored gravy mix. Don’t waste your money on old and flavorless gravy mixes from the supermarket shelves, when you can enjoy a healthy and full flavored gravy mix. Family & friends will think you spent all day cooking dinner when you bring this to the table. Order more than one, they keep up to 3 months. So what are you waiting for Order One Today!!!
You will get ½ cup Organic Rosemary Poultry Dry Gravy Mix in a Resalable Bag & Directions to Use

6. LBC Competition Chili Kit 6 servings
This is my own special blend of chili peppers ground to order for you. These peppers are grown in prime growing conditions to ensure the freshest peppers possible. Then they are dried and ground fresh for maximum potency. I use this same mix in my Chili Competitions. This chili is not mild but, not too hot. Perfect for a cold winters day. All my chili kits come with the option of making them hotter with the addition of the cayenne pepper pack. I hope you enjoy this chili mix as much as I do.

7. Bacon Love 1oz
Bacon Love is 100% all natural; has a full aroma, and is rich in flavor. Bacon Love doesn’t contain MSG, corn syrup or any other additives or anti caking agents that the other bacon flavored salts have. This is 100% salt and natural bacon extracts and oils. Bacon Love does not need to be refrigerated like the leading bacon salt recipes on the internet do. Use it just as you would any specialty salt. Bacon Love also contains no calories like Real Bacon does. So, if you love bacon like I do and want to have bacon on everything, then Bacon Love is for you!
~ Sprinkled on Eggs
~ Seasoning Side Dishes
~ Sauce
~ Bloody Mary Rim Salt (my two thumbs up)
~ Spaghetti
~ Seasoning Soups
~ Seasoning Stews
~ Seasoning Stocks
~ Many Many More

8. Chalkboard Basting / BBQ Brush
“The Chalkboard BBQ Brush” This is sure to be a hit at your next party. Now you can label your brush with calk and when you wash it, it’s ready to be reused and relabeled. You get a 2” Chalkboard BBQ Brush and chalk. Don’t think you have to limit it to just BBQ sauce. It is great used for all sorts of thing around the kitchen.

~~ Everything comes in a stylish basket for that finishing touch ~~
* Baskets and tinsel may vary from picture shown

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Ready for gift-giving:
~ Wedding Gift
~ Birthday
~ Co-workers
~ Engagements
~ Spouse
~ Friends
~ Game prize
~ Thank you
~ Hostess gift
~ Graduation
~ Culinary student
~ Bridal shower
~ Just because
~ Housewarming
~ Beginner cook
~ Aspiring chef
~ Foodie gift
~ Loved Ones
~ Baby Shower
~ BBQ Party
~ Pig Pick’n

Always start & finish your Bar B Que with the best; Use Ledyard Bar B Que Company Competition Dry Rub to season your meat before you Que, Ledyard Bar B Que Company Vinegar Mop as you Que, and Ledyard Bar B Que Company Hickory Bar B Que Sauce to finish your Que.
Happy Que’ n.

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