Homebrew beer 3 pack of shampoo bars by HomebrewSoaps

10.55 USD

This listing is for 3 of my shampoo bars. You save $ 1.00 on the shampoo bars and .50 on the shipping compared to 3 single bar purchase. Please let me know what beer types you would like for your 3 bars during checkout in the notes to seller area. Or if none are selected I will send you 3 different ones of my choosing.

That's right, you have heard of a beer shampoo and now I have made it easy for you. Around 1930 liquid soaps and shampoo were made. Before that date this is what most people used, or something similar. Some benefits to having your shampoo in bar form are that it is great for traveling as it can go in your carry on luggage. Also is good for the environment as it does not come in a plastic bottle. I made them square so I can tell the difference between the shampoo bar and my regular beer soap without my glasses. Just rub this shampoo bar directly on your wet hair until you have lather you need. Then work that lather into your hair like any other shampoo. But this is not like any other shampoo. Do a search on some of the ingredients that are in your store bought shampoo sometime. It may well scare you. This is not just a smaller bar of my beer soap, I made this recipe for your hair and it reacts differently than regular soap. It lathers really well and is loaded with conditioners. If you get one experiment with it a little bit. Rinse right away after washing one time and the next time leave it in your hair for a couple of minutes and see how well those conditioners work. Find what works best for you. You may choose what type of beer you want your shampoo bars to have in them.

Choose from the following beer types and their fragrance.
Pale ale – Spearmint & Eucalyptus
Red ale – Wood, earthy scent with herbal top notes
I.P.A. – Musky scent with warm top notes
Brown ale – Fung Shui Metal, a unique cool scent that is crisp and clear.
Porter – Amaretto
Stout – Caramelized sugar, vanilla, cedar and tonka bean plus others.

This shampoo bar will not leave you smelling like a fresh opened beer. I added a small amount of fragrance oil so they leave your hair fresh and clean smelling. These bars last a fair amount of time and are cut to about one inch thick. They will weigh between 2.75 oz and 3.5 oz. This is my blend of all grain homebrewing and cold process soap making. Enjoy them as I have. Sale price is for 3 bars.

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Homebrew beer 3 pack of shampoo bars by HomebrewSoaps