Did you know that Goldenrod is praised as an excellent remedy for kidney problems? The flowers and leaves have a cooling effect and since the plant is a diuretic, it is recommended for all kidney and bladder complaints according to Maria Treben, author of the European bestseller Health through God’s Pharmacy with over 8 million copies sold.
My Amish friend received this book as a gift from a Russian lady who visits the valley from time to time.  Last week she shared her copy with me and graciously allowed me to take it home to read.  I highly recommend it as one of the best herb books I have found. Herbalists love helping others with their knowledge of plants and proven remedies.
The author, Maria Treben, states that even the sight of Goldenrod in nature has a quieting effect on us and gives a personal experience as to the success of this medicinal plant remedy in her book as follows:

Goldenrod together with Bedstraw and Yellow Dead Nettle is efficacious in cases of cirrhosis of the kidneys and renal failure when renal dialysis has to be performed.  In these cases I was able to help, using the above mentioned herbs: 

A 52 year old man, suffering from cirrhosis of the kidneys, came to see me.  Puffing and sweating heavily he climbed up the stairs to the first floor where I lived. Fighting for breath he fell into a chair. In a week, after having drunk 3 cups of tea made of the above mentioned herb mixture, he felt a lot better.  He used only fresh herbs. After the third week he was free from complaints.

All our emotions are worked off through the kidneys.  Therefore they are the most affected after an emotional shock, be it a death in the family or any other accident.  Goldenrod proves its worth as a medicinal plant which influences the human emotions most favorably. It should therefore be drunk without delay in cases of disappointments and emotional stress.  

1/4 litre  (1 quart) of boiling water is poured over 1 heaped teaspoon of Goldenrod and infused for a short time. One heaped teaspoon of the mixture is also used and prepared as above.

No guarantees of any kind are made for the performance of effectiveness of the preparations mentioned in this publication.

To make an INFUSION, cut fresh herbs and place in a jar, teapot, or other non-metallic container.  Pour boiling water over the prepared herbs and let steep for half a minute.  The tea should be a pale yellow or green color.  Store tea in a thermos and take the prescribed quantity.  In general the dosage is one cup sipped slowly throughout the day.  (Personally, I do not know why you need to make a quart if you only use one cup each day. I suppose it has something to do with getting the right strength of tea from one teaspoon of herbs.)
I know several people who have had kidney stones following an emotional shock or time of difficulty. If you have kidney or bladder issues you may want to research this remedy and give it some consideration.

We should be thankful for all the plants around us that bring us such healing, comfort, and joy.

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