Exotic Safari / African Wild Game Rub / Rubs of the World Spices / A Taste of Southern Africa by TheBBQPantry

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Exotic Safari

== African Wild Game Rub ==

== Mixed and Ground Fresh to Order ==

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While on an African safari expedition, I was amazed at the culinary talents my field guides had at preparing some of the most wonderful and flavorful dishes I had ever eaten. This is one of the rubs that I could not get enough of. At first my guide was very reluctant to give me, a Westerner, his villages secret spice blend, but a few drinks later; he was a bit freer with his words.
This is a very complex and warm spices blend. It’s not too hot and full of a robust flavor that you will not find anywhere else. Very versatile and can be used on meats as well as vegetables. This is a must have in any pantry.

~ Gazelle
~ Warthog
~ Cape Buffalo
~ Pork
~ Beef
~ Poultry
~ Grilled Vegetables

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Happy Que’ n.

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Exotic Safari / African Wild Game Rub / Rubs of the World Spices / A Taste of Southern Africa by TheBBQPantry