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Diseases of the Joints and Rheumatic Affections

  In this section diseases of the joints will be dealt with, the most important being those of tubercular and rheumatic origin. (Lumbago and muscular rheumatism, although affections of the muscles and not of the joints, are also .included in this section, as they are of rheumatic origin.) There is no disease so prevalent today

Pathogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis falls under the medical umbrella of autoimmune disease which is generally defined as; a disruption of the immune system resulting in attack of healthy cells. According to the latest scientific research your susceptibility to developing arthritis depends mainly on your genetic blueprint. That blueprint is what your body uses as a map to build cellular structures

Rheumatoid Nodules: Definition, Causes and Treatment

The lumps which appear on your hand, knuckles or fingers may appear harmless to a majority of the people. For this reason, they remain unnoticed. But, do you know that they can create trouble if left untreated for a long time? The lumps you see may be rheumatoid nodules. What is a rheumatoid nodule? A